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What is Nipple Correction Surgery?

Inverted nipples affect 10 to 20% of women, and it’s not uncommon for men to be affected as well.

Inverted nipples occur when the milk ducts leading to the nipple are too short or overly tight. This causes the nipple to be pulled into the areola – the dark skin around the nipple – giving it a flat or depressed appearance.

Some nipples can be slightly inverted, and others can be severely inverted. Elongated nipples are also more common than you may think and affect a wide range of women with small and large breasts. A larger areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) can also be corrected with this procedure.

If your nipples are making you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, Inverted Nipple Correction may be the answer. Nipple Correction is a simple and effective procedure that has helped thousands of people change their lives.

Nipple Correction is typically performed under local anesthesia within one hour.

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Elevating Natural Beauty

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Your Custom Nipple Correction Surgery Plan

When it comes to aesthetic surgery of any kind, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Every patient has their own unique surgical needs.

Whether you are interested in a subtle natural look or dramatic results, your Nipple Correction surgery will be fully customized according to your existing anatomy, unique surgical requirements, and desired aesthetic results.

Two Types Of Nipple Correction

Nipple Reduction

This procedure is a minimally invasive surgery. Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will start by reducing the length of the actual nipple to make your breast more proportionate. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic and will take approximately one hour.

Areola Reduction

Your surgeon will start by using a nipple marker to choose an appropriate areola size that suits your breast. After the appropriate areola size has been marked, your surgeon will extract a circular area of skin. For a beautiful skin tightening effect, your surgeon will suture your breast skin to the areola tissue, which is the dark skin around your nipple. Areola Reduction is performed under local anesthetic within one hour.

Together, you and your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will review all of your options in detail to determine which type of Nipple Correction is best for you.

Choosing Your Surgeon

When considering a surgeon, it’s important to research all of your options and choose a Surgical specialist who is Board Certified in both Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. While many plastic surgeons perform many different types of surgeries, you should select a surgeon who focuses strictly on a specific procedure and is recognized for excellence in this procedure.

What are the benefits if your surgeon has a reconstructive surgery background? Most of the world’s best aesthetic surgeons began with reconstructive practices. In fact, almost all of the groundbreaking techniques in aesthetic surgery have reconstructive origins.

Reconstructive surgery cases are typically more complex and often require highly specialized surgical techniques. Comfort, confidence, and predictability with advanced reconstructive surgery techniques have become powerful tools often adapted to aesthetic procedures.

All of the Plastic Surgeons at The First Glance are Board Certified Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons. Many of our surgeons are also Double Board Certified. 

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