G-spot - (Medicine / Gynaecology & Obstetrics) an area in the front wall of the vagina which is alleged to produce an extremely intense orgasm when stimulated. [short for Gräfenberg spot, named after Ernst Gräfenberg (1881-1957), German gynaecologist]

Tired of having your partner try and find your G-Spot, with no result? Interested in enhancing your partners sexual arousal and gratification? Why not get a G-Shot!!

The G-Shot or G-Spot Amplification is a method of amplifying the Grafenberg Spot with a hyaluronic acid also know as a Hyaluronan, a collagen-based filler. The G-Shot enhances and enlarges the G-Spot to about 2-3 times in size, allowing women to experience an increase in their sex drive and an increase in their state of arousal.

It is a safe, drug-free and virtually painless procedure, which is done in the clinic under local anaesthesia and is often referred to as a lunchtime procedure, because it only take a few minutes. The G-Shot typically lasts about 4 months, with some cases lasting over a year.

What can I expect during a The G-Shot?

In the consultation process Dr. Lockwood will educate you on the G-Spot and how to localize it. Dr. Lockwood will go over risks and complications verbally and he will give you written consent as well. It is important to us that every patient is completely informed of the risks, complications and alternatives to the procedure.

During the procedure you will be positioned on the examination table as if you are “getting a PAP smear” and the doctor will do a pelvic exam and measurement of the G-Spot based upon your direction. He will transfer this measurement to a ruler and then a special speculum. The speculum, which has the location of the G-Spot on it, will then be inserted into the vagina and then a small needle will be used to deliver a small amount of local anesthetic in the area of the G-Spot. Then the collagen product will be injected. After this a tampon is placed (the tampon is to be removed in 4 hours). The entire G-Shot injection procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

What is the recovery time like after The G-Shot?

After the procedure there’s no recovery time needed. You’re ready to get on with your day! The most common side effect following injection includes scant bleeding from the needle injection site.

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