Restylane Skin Boosters is a specially formulated product that is different than most Hyaluronic Acids on the market. Not only does this product target fine lines and loss of volume but it also gives the skin a more nourished look due to the unique form of Hyaluronic acid that is in the Skin Boosters. No matter what your skin type, age, gender or current skin care regime and treatment plan, this product can improve the look of your skin. Unlike most other hyaluronic acids, skin boosters can be used in the cheeks, jawline, neck and even the tops of hands.

What is a Restylane Skin Booster?

This injectable is a unique aesthetic treatment that improves skin appearance, smoothness and elasticity to refresh your look. You will see a difference where ever the product has been injected immediately as the hyaluronic acid draws water from your body toward the the product adding a nourished, plump moisturized look to the injected area. After multiple treatments with Restylane skin Boosters you may actually notice a difference in skin elasticity as this product is formulated to help repair the loss of elasticity in aging skin.

How is Restylane Skin Booster Different from Dermal Fillers?

This skin booster contains a unique form of Hyaluronic Acid that naturally integrates into the skin and improves skins appearance and elasticity elasticity for a radiant looking, youthful glow.

How Long will Results Last?

Skin improvements can last up to 6 months.