Pearl Resurfacing

Brighten your complexion and improve your skin texture!

If your concerns are dull skin, pore size and fine lines, then revitalize your skin with pearl resurfacing!

Pearl resurfacing is a laser treatment that passes through the surface of the skin without instantly ablating it. The epidermal layer then acts as a natural wound dressing until the skin below is fully healed. The outer layer of the skin will then shed over the next 24-36 hours and result in full epidermal renewal.

Downtime with Pearl Resurfacing?

The first 3 days, you will be red and possibly swollen. Bronzing and shedding of the skin will occur between 4-5 days. Most people will be fully healed within 5 days. Your healing completely depends on your skin health, genetics, lifestyle, and accurately following pre and post care instructions. No sun exposure for 4 weeks post treatment is mandatory. Patients must wear a high quality sun block to prevent unwanted side effects.

Are there any risks to Pearl Resurfacing?

The key to any treatment is to follow the proper post care instructions given to you by your medical professional. However, as with any laser treatment there are some possible risks and side effects. These include redness, swelling, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, and poor healing possibly resulting in disruptions of the skin tissue i.e.: scars and burns.