How Does the Pearl Work?

Pearl is a minimally invasive type of Laser Resurfacing that helps remove the outer layers of dead skin that cause your skin to look dull and rough. The Laser Technician will make one pass a over your skin with the laser. The laser will damage but not remove the treated skin and over a few days time, the damaged skin will separate and peel off exposing the fresh vibrant skin underneath.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect with the Pearl?

With just a few days of downtime you are left with fresh radiant skin as well as a reduction or even elimination of sun spots and pigmentation, broken capillaries and facial veins. This treatment also offers improvements in pores, fine lines and crepeyness.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Often one Pearl Treatment is sufficient but some people may require additional treatments depending on how severe veins, sun damage and how much excess dead skin is on the dermas. You will begin to notice results in as little as one week post treatment.

What are Risks Associated with the Pearl

Pearl is a very safe and effective treatment with very little and uncommon risk. There is no bleeding or scabbing like there is with the traditional Laser Resurfacing Treatments.

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