Flat Moles before and afterLesions such as flat dark moles and hyperpigmented spots are quite common among most people. Although more often than not they are benign, they have been known to alter appearances and set an unbalanced appearance to skin tone.

How Does Fotona Lesion Removal Work?

Er:YAG lasers can also be used for the ablation of keratoses, moles, and other pigmented lesions, enabling the removal of the epidermis and superficial dermis in a controlled and relatively bloodless manner. Clinical studies have shown that Er:YAG lasers are very effective for the treatment of keratoses, with a clinical improvement of up to 93% after just one treatment. The Fotona laser is a fast, simple and minimally invasive treatment gets rid of pesky lesions and spots. This multi-wavelength laser system produces very short pulses of intense light that our Specialists then target toward the specific pigment they wish to eliminate.


Lesion before and after








In less than 15 minutes, rid your skin of years of embarrassing pigmented lesions and flat dark moles. For more information call or come into The First Glance and book your complimentary skin assessment today.

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