Many people notice that along with age and weight fluctuation come hollow, sunken or even dimpled areas of the body. The top 3 culprits for loosing plumpness as time goes on are the breasts, the face and the bum. So many people do not want a surgery or a product that is synthetic placed into their bodies to fill in those sunken areas, but what if we tell you there is a natural substance that we can use to fill in those areas?

Your own fat!!!! Our Physicians literally extract healthy fat cells from one area of your body (usually love handles, inner thigh, tummy) which helps you achieve a more desired contour, and they then inject the fat into the area you wish to “plump up”. Using your own fat cells means no synthetic implants or any foreign product being places or injected into your body, 100% natural means 100% you!!! When it comes to the face, Fat Transfer is a more permanent solution than Hyaluronic Acid Filler injections as well. The recovery time for this day surgery is minimal compared to a more invasive surgery such as Breast Implants or Butt Implants.

Depending on the desired look you may require multiple Fat Transfers to achieve the fullness you are looking for. This can all be discussed and established during your customized Surgical Assessment with the Physician as well as one of his assistants. At this 30 minute Consultation not only will you come up with a surgical plan, but you will also be given a very detailed assessment of how your results may look as well as pre and post surgery information and a quote made specifically for you.

If you are interested and wish to learn more about how a Fat Grafting Surgery can improve your figure, contact the Winnipeg First Glance and one of our experienced staff will be happy to get you started by booking you in for your Fat Grafting Surgical consultation today!!


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