Brow Lift

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to stop the ageing process. We feel older, but we don’t have to look older. Ageing can cause the brow and forehead area to droop, making the face look tired, sad or angry. Often, this is the first sign of ageing. Get your self-confidence back, and let yourself look just as young as you feel.

A Browlift or forehead lift surgery will raise the brows in order to minimize those horizontal forehead creases and soften those frown lines between the brows or on top of the nose. Some improvement can also be made in the hooding of the eyelids, although an eyelid lift is usually recommended in conjunction with a brow lift.

How is a Brow Lift performed?

There are many different types of browlift or forehead lift techniques, and Dr. Anthony P. Lockwood or Dr. Avi Islur will assess you and choose the one most appropriate to your needs and cosmetic goals. The goal here is to tighten the muscles which have been stretched over time, as well as tighten any loose skin in the area. The incisions are made in the hairline, and are small and virtually undetectable. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on which technique is used. You are able to go home right after.

restylane perlaneWhat is the recovery period like after a Brow Lift?

As with most cosmetic surgeries, you will need to take time to recover. The recovery period will be different for each patient depending on the extent of the surgery and the patient’s health.

The will be some swelling and bruising that may last anywhere from 7-10 days, and could effect your upper cheeks and eyes. You will be asked to keep your head elevated and to apply cold compresses or ice packs to reduce swelling. The area could be itchy and numb, but these symptoms will diminish in time. Your sutures will be removed when you come in for your one week postoperative check-up  and you will be able to return to work and light activities. No strenuous activity for at least 4-6 weeks.

Are there any risks to a Brow Lift procedure?

During your consultation, Dr. Lockwood and his expert medical team will clearly outline all of the necessary precautions you need to take, as well as any postoperative limitations you should follow. Dr. Lockwood and his staff take every necessary precaution to minimize any risk involved with all surgeries or cosmetic procedures.


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