Breast Reduction

If you naturally have large, heavy breasts that are causing you discomfort or embarrassment, you may want to consider getting a breast reduction.  Many women strive for a larger bust size, but often, those who already have larger chests may feel differently. Shopping for tight fitting tops, exercising or sleeping can be difficult. Larger breasts can sag due to aging, weight fluctuation, pregnancy or breast feeding. This can give you a poor posture, neck and back pain, skin irritation, and make you uncomfortable in your own skin.

The purpose of a breast reduction is to reshape the breast to better fit your body proportion.  Smaller, lighter and firmer breasts are created by removing the excess fat, tissue and skin.  This cosmetic surgery can make you feel positive and confident about your appearance.

FG_Vertical Breast Lift

FG_Anchor Lift

How is Breast Reduction performed?

Depending on the size of your breasts, an anchor method or vertical method may be used. The vertical method leaves you with a lollipop shaped scar, which goes along the areola and straight down toward your natural breast crease, while the anchor method has an extra incision under the breast along its natural crease. This leaves a scar that looks similar to an anchor. The methods do vary in complexity, and are altered to each patient’s specific needs.

After the removal of some fatty tissue located inside of the breast, Dr. Lockwood and Dr. Islur will use the rest of your own breast tissue to reshape and give your breasts a “perky”  look. This leaves for a very natural look and feel for the breast as your own tissue is being used after the Breast Reduction is performed.

Most of Dr. Lockwood’s breast reductions are Vaser assisted. This means he will      use Vaser Liposelection® during his reductions to help reduce the size of the breasts as surrounding tissue, as well as remove the excess fat, tissue and skin.               This method also assists in the post Breast Reduction shaping of the remaining fatty tissue.

FG_Vertical Scar

FG_Anchor Scar

What’s the recovery period after Breast Reduction?

As with most cosmetic surgeries, you will need to take time to recover. The recovery period will be different for each patient depending on the extent of the surgery, the area of the body, and the patient’s health.

You will have bandages on the area for the first few days. There will be swelling, discolouration and bruising, but this should diminish in a week or two.  You may return to work and resume daily activities after 1 week. Avoid any straining, bending or lifting for 4-6 weeks.

Are there any risks to Breast Reduction?

This procedure is very low risk. During your consultation, Dr. Lockwood/ Dr. Islur and their expert medical team will go over all the benefits as well as outline all of the necessary precautions you need to take. They will also outline any postoperative limitations you should follow.

Dr. Lockwood, Dr. Islur and their staff take every necessary precaution to minimize any risk involved with all surgeries or cosmetic procedures.

More information about Breast Reduction

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