Brazilian Cellulite Treatment

cellutiteRegardless of how often we exercise and how healthy our diet cellulite can still be an issue we deal with. Cellulite can form dimple like areas on the back of legs, the buttock and back of arms making the area look unattractive. If you struggle with stubborn fat and are tired of being self conscious we may have the solution you have been waiting for. The Brazilian Cellulite Treatment is a very quick procedure that is performed in clinic on a local surgery day.

How is Brazilian Cellulite Treatment performed?

This is one of our least invasive surgeries, it is quick and virtually painless. Your surgeon will freeze the target area with a local anesthetic and you will then be prepped and draped for surgery. The reason our bodies form cellulite dimples is because very small fibers rise from the muscle and pull the skin down which “tethers” area and forms a cellulite dimple. To eliminate this dimple, your surgeon will insert a small needle into the skin to cut and release the fibers that are creating tension on your skin. In turn this will create a smooth surface.

What is the recovery time with Brazilian Cellulite Treatment?

The recovery time is very minimal. After your Brazilian Cellulite Treatment,  your surgeon and the nurse will dress the area with a foam and garment for compression.

The garment will need to be worn 24 hours/day for 2 weeks, then 12 hours/ day for 2 more weeks (preferably 12 consecutive hours), unless stated differently by your surgeon. The garment will help to aid in skin retraction, control swelling, and reduce your risk of complications.

Light exercise can usually begin 1 week after surgery and more strenuous exercise 2-3 weeks post-operatively. Consult with your surgeon for specific exercise restrictions. Remember that it is important to follow an exercise maintenance program to achieve the greatest results from the surgery.


For more information on this procedure or to book in for your surgical consultation, call or come into the clinic and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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