Acutip for Brown Spots

Millions of people complain about browns spots, age spots, or different pigment on their skin. Acutip is a quick and simple procedure with almost no downtime. This treatment is generally very effective in minimizing and/or lightening those stubborn brown spots almost anywhere on the body like the face, hands, and chest. Acutip is meant as a spot treatment only, where something like a Photofacial might be more beneficial for someone with a larger area of concern.

How is Acutip performed?

Acutip targets pigment in your skin through light energy, which will bring the colour out to the surface of your skin, and your body will naturally desquamate (your body’s natural process of shedding dead skin) the pigmented area.


What is the downtime with Acutip?

There are virtually no risks or downtime to this procedure, and it’s a very easy and tolerable treatment. The treated area will swell a little. Blistering is very rare. You may require 1-3 treatments. The process of the desquamation can take up to 10 days for the face, and up to 3 weeks for the hands. You can apply make-up right after the procedure.

What are the risks with Acutip?

The key to any treatment is to follow the proper post care instructions given to you by your medical professional. However, as with any laser treatment there are some possible risks and side effects. These include redness, swelling, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, and poor healing possibly resulting in disruptions of the skin tissue.

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