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ClariVein for Varicose Veins Patient # 1

This patient had the Clarivein procedure performed for her left short saphenous vein incompetency/giacomini vein. These pictures were taken 5 months post ClariVein treatment.

In order to fully understand exactly how ClariVein rids your legs of unsightly veins, we will include a small run down of the procedure after the patients testimonial. Yet another satisfied patient happy not only with their results but with the level of service as well as our friendly staff here at The First Glance Aesthetic Clinic. Read for yourself…

“I would totally recommend Dr. Lockwood and his entire staff for the ClariVein treatment. They are all extremely professional and friendly. Dr. Lockwood is very conscious of making sure that your surgery is done precisely and accurately. I was so impressed with my results! Special thanks to Dana and Lindsey, who are fabulous people.”

ClariVein is the latest minimally invasive technique used to treat varicose veins. It is even less invasive than Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and it is more effective than ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS). All endovenous techniques act by destroying the inner lining of the vein or intima allowing the vein to seal off and turn into fibrous tissue which is gradually removed by the body.

The Clarivein catheter has two components – a wire rotating at high speed that damages the intima combined with injection of liquid sclerotherapy to complete venous occlusion (see Figure). This mechanical-chemical ablation technique is unique. The combination is a very efficient and painless way to seal the vein.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call out highly trained staff here at The First Glance Aesthetic Clinic and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

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If you like the results you see here, request your appointment to learn more about how this procedure can help you achieve your ideal appearance. We encourage you to print your favorite photos and bring them with you during your consultation to help communicate your goals and expectations.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.