Cosmetic injectable treatments are used to help reduce facial wrinkles, restore volume loss, rejuvenate overall appearance to look less tired, less angry and restore your youthful glow. Our skin ages over time just like the other parts of our body however excessive sun exposure generally causes the most damage to our skin.

Did you know?
In your 30’s:

Collagen and elastin tissue begin to decrease. Fine expression lines and wrinkles appear around your eyes, on your forehead and between your nose and mouth.
In your 40’s:
Expression lines and wrinkles deepen. Corners of your mouth may begin to turn down. Lip volume decreases. Loss of firmness around your jawline
In your 50’s:
Expression lines and wrinkles increase and deepen. Volume loss increases in the mid-face. Skin may begin to thin due to collagen loss. Visible sagging in jawline.
In your 60’s:
skin is loose and sags. Skin may be noticeably drier, thinner, tight and flaky due to loss of moisture. Age spots and skin discolorations appear. Wrinkles extend beyond the eye and mouth areas.

Interested in injectable treatment?
Before you begin with treatment, a complimentary consultation with our nurse injectors is required to discuss concerns, understand all the risks and benefits of injectables treatment as well as find quote as to how much your treatment plan based on your concerns would cost.