New on the market, the Fotona is our top of the line laser due to its cutting edge technology. Fotona has gold standard laser technology and is designed to perform all aesthetic laser treatments, from from skin rejuvenation and hair reduction to acne, vascular treatments and much more. Fotona is a dual wavelength laser: it offers a Nd: YAG and an Er:YAG, which allows our Laser Technicians to reach deep as well as superficial layers of the skin.

This provides us with the ability to offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments such as; Surface imperfections (lesions and moles), hair removal on all skin types, active acne and acne scarring, superficial laser peels, vascular lesions (cherry angiomas, venous lake, facial and spider veins, rosacea, etc.), fat reduction, skin tightening, face contouring and many other treatments.