The term “body contouring” refers to the process of using surgical or non-surgical treatments to reduce fatty tissue and to tighten loose, hanging skin. Each of these non invasive cosmetic treatments are designed to use different approaches to target specific areas of fat and/or skin. No matter how this body contouring is done, they all have the goal of giving the body a more lean and defined look. There are many types of body contouring options available today, which give you a wide range of choices as to how stubborn fat and loose tissue will be treated. The best treatment type will depend on what area(s) of your body you want to target, your anatomy, your goals, and your personal preferences and of course  what type of tissue is being treated.

There are many Non-Surgical, non-invasive Body Contouring options available for skin tightening and fat reduction at The First Glance. With much research and training, we guarantee that our laser treatments are among the most effective, top of the line treatments available in Canada for Body Contouring. The treatments listed below are available as individual treatments or as package deals. All packages to have a percent discount attached to them. For more information on our Body Contouring Treatments please contact the clinic and one of our staff will be able to inform you further. Below are a few body sculpting options you may be interested in.