With time our bodies face the inevitable “ageing process”. One of women’s biggest concerns are their breasts; sagging, deflating or having one breast bigger than the other are the most common issues. Some of these issues are due to ageing, childbirth, loss of skin elasticity and other factors while some breast issues we are born with. Whether the concern is breast alterations or breast health, women from all across Canada come to The First Glance to consult with our Board Certified Surgeons Dr.Anthony P. Lockwood and Dr.Avi Islur. With their many years of medical training and surgical experience, our Doctors are able to offer a wide variety of customizations for each individual patient and their needs.

At The First Glance Aesthetic Clinic and Surgery Centre, we strive to make your experience a great one. Whether you are wanting Breast Implants to increase your bust size, a Breast Lift to bring your breasts back to where they once were, or a man who is looking for that extra fatty tissue in the breasts removed (gynecomastia), our informative surgical consults will make you feel at home. Surgery is a big decision. Sit down with Dr. Lockwood or Dr. Islur to discuss how to boost your confidence with one of these surgical procedures.

Click here to take a look at some of our before and after photographs. If you are interested in talking about surgery or to book in for a consultation do not hesitate to call or email our clinic and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist your every need.

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